ECB BASIC Programs

Here is a collection of Extended Cassette BASIC (ECB) programs, all contributed by Ralph Hopkins. Ralph wrote some of the programs, and ported many of them from their original source to run under ECB.

The programs are presented in ASCII format. These can be loaded into the emulator as follows. After starting Extended Cassette BASIC, load a program by using the File/Script... menu option. This causes the emulator to read in the file as if the user was typing it by hand. ECB asks how much memory you have (just hit return so it uses as much as it can). Next it asks if you want to retain the MATRIX functions, and if you say N, then it asks if you want to keep the trig functions. Some of the programs require the trig functions to operate. I'm not sure if any need the matrix functions.

Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
ACEY.ECB Author unknown; from Univac at Eagan, MN
Convert to ECB - 3-14-81 Ralph Hopkins

Card guessing game.  You are dealt two cards and you wager whether the third card will be between the first two or not.
5256 Ralph Hopkins
ACEYD.ECB written 3/24/73 by Andrea Barsh and Duff Kurland
Revised 03-03-81 Ralph Hopkins

Card guessing game.  You are dealt two cards and you wager whether the third card will be between the first two or not.  Very early 70's lingo.
6185 Ralph Hopkins
AIR2.ECB JBR, Eagan Minn.  UNIVAC UTS400
...Modified for SOL-20  Ralph Hopkins

You have 6 shots to hit 6 aircraft.  Realtime game.
2897 Ralph Hopkins
ALPHA.ECB Author unknown; from Roseville, MN  3-14-81
Adapted to SOL-20 by Ralph Hopkins (SOL-20)

Break a code.  Not good for more than one play.
4626 Ralph Hopkins
AMAZE.ECB Jack Hauber, Loomis School, Windsor, Connecticut

Constructs a different maze every time it is run with only one solution.  User chooses maze dimensions.
6524 Ralph Hopkins
ANTIA.ECB EAGAN site MTC Engineer Ralph Hopkins  6-20-75

Shoot down enemy aircraft from a M-42 A.A. Tank
10948 Ralph Hopkins
ARTIL.ECB Ralph Hopkins 11-01-79

   (2) WHITESAND (SHOOT ARTILLERY) H. Deomonstoy 1-77
   (3) TANK      (SHOOT TANKS)     1-77 from CDC
11178 Ralph Hopkins
ASTRO.ECB Ralph Hopkins 12-01-78

   (1) LUNAR1 (APOLLO 7/23/77) 1970 BY WILLIAM P. LABARRE II
       Modified by MIKE VAN PELT; University of Alabama 1978
19808 Ralph Hopkins

Guess words starting with 'A'. Computer gives clues.
2894 Ralph Hopkins
BACKG.ECB UNIVAC at Eagan 7/29/77 Ralph Hopkins

Play: CASINO UNIVAC 1108 (Mainframe) BACCARAT
19570 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
BACKU.ECB William Lappen...System: DEC-10
...from PERSONAL COMPUTING, FEB. 1980, page 34
...Adapted for SOL-20; APR. 1980  Ralph Hopkins

Two player backgammon.  Computer acts as dice and referee.
5023 Ralph Hopkins

Two person BACCARAT against the computer.
4446 Ralph Hopkins
BAGEL.ECB by M. Olson, Berkeley CA  Nov. 1971, from HP BASIC PROGRAM LIB

BAGELS: 3 digit number guessing
(similar to mastermind)
2814 Ralph Hopkins
BANDT.ECB Converted to U1106 12/3/71 by N.Schallert

Pseudo slot machine game
4052 Ralph Hopkins
BASES.ECB Author unknown
Adapted to SOL-20: Eagan, MN 3-14-81 Ralph Hopkins

A rather passive baseball simulation.
6419 Ralph Hopkins
BATNM.ECB LAST MOD.  8/3/77 Ralph Hopkins

BATTLE-OF-NUMBERS -- variation of the game Nim.
3233 Ralph Hopkins
BATSH.ECB SOL-20  Version    4-20-80 Ralph Hopkins

Play BATTLESHIP against the computer
13045 Ralph Hopkins
BBALL.ECB Source Eagan, MN 11-19-77
Last update 03-04-81  R.E.H.

(Baseball) This is a number guessing game, and when you match the computer's guess, it is a "hit", otherwise a mismatch is an out.
5144 Ralph Hopkins
BLACK.ECB unknown; Eagan, MN  03-04-81
Repaired April 2003, Ralph Hopkins

Play blackjack
5045 Ralph Hopkins
Modified for SOL-20; Ralph Hopkins

This is blackjack for one or two players
23290 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
BLJK.ECB unknown; Roseville, MN  3-14-81 Ralph Hopkins

Play blackjack against the computer dealer.
6521 Ralph Hopkins
BLKJC.ECB from MERITSS : GAME  12-14-77

Play blackjack against the computer dealer.
5830 Ralph Hopkins
BOMRN.ECB by Jim Prelesnik  REV.A  2-2-78

Bombing run simulation.
This one requires the extended (trig) functions to work.
10512 Ralph Hopkins
BOULE.ECB Ralph Hopkins Eagan, MN (SOL-20 Ext BASIC) 9/1/78

Impressive European variation of Roulette (The Bowl)
16534 Ralph Hopkins
BUZBM.ECB Ralph Hopkins; 04-25-83

Massive WWII sim of buzz bombers over Britain.
See LCMDS.ECB for instructions.
Not enough memory to run it under CP/M.
36411 Ralph Hopkins
CALEN.ECB CALENDAR (Univac) UTS-700  4-11-80    Ralph Hopkins
from BOOK: 101 BASIC COMPUTER GAMES    page 65

Print a calendar for any year from the 1980's.
2594 Ralph Hopkins
CAR.ECB Ralph Hopkins   Aug. 80

Experimental "Auto" graphics
3609 Ralph Hopkins
CAVES.ECB Author and source unknown via EAGAN, MN  3-10-81

You explore a set of linked rooms.
10970 Ralph Hopkins
CBOOK.ECB Author and source unknown; via EAGAN, MN

This is a check-book balancing program.  Not that you'd ever use it, but it is buggy; eg, every time use L to list the checks, it deducts them again from your balance.
4554 Ralph Hopkins
CC00.ECB Ralph Hopkins; 1980's

Experiments in Inverse video
662 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
CC002.ECB Ralph Hopkins; 1980's

Experiments in Inverse video
658 Ralph Hopkins
CC003.ECB Ralph Hopkins; 1980's

Experiments in Inverse video
309 Ralph Hopkins
CELL.ECB Ken Witt, Tracy High School

Simulation; you act as a cell membrane to keep the cell chemistry happy
6282 Ralph Hopkins
CHECK.ECB Author and source unknown

Play checkers with the computer.  It runs, but I tried playing a game and got an "OB" (out of bounds) error at line 1040.
5401 Ralph Hopkins
Reworked for SOL-20, 6-17-80, Ralph Hopkins

This program will play CHECKERS against you.
5705 Ralph Hopkins
CHOMP.ECB Author: People's Computer Company   Version: 07/20/77
BITE, an educational adaptation of the game of CHOMP (SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, JAN. 1973).

One to N player strategy game.
4526 Ralph Hopkins
CHWAR.ECB Author and source unknown; via EAGAN, MN Dec 80

This program plays the game of chinese war.  It is basically NIM.
3555 Ralph Hopkins
CIVIL.ECB Adapted from HP2000B BASIC to UNIVAC UBASIC  OCT.72 BY Scot Wilcoxon, Lake Crystal, MN

This is a civil war simulation
8958 Ralph Hopkins
CLIMT.ECB E.A. Galletta, Patchogue-H.S., 4/22/69 Earth Science (BIICAC)
Revised by Tony Perez, Walt Whitman HS, 8-69
Re-revised by C.Losik 8-26-70

Program on climates
5988 Ralph Hopkins
CLOUD.ECB A.C. Caggiano, E.A. Galletta, Patchogue H.S., 11-20-68
Revised by Charles Losik and Tony Perez 7/18/69
Re-revised by C.Losik 8-26-70

This program is associated with cloud formation
6046 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
CMDS.ECB Ralph Hopkins....Eagan Minn. 8-1-79 as implemented on the (Univac) UTS700

Instructions for GALXY.ECB
11931 Ralph Hopkins
COMBT.ECB Ralph Hopkins (Era Feb-82)

Trig functions require loading the extended functions.
'Combat' is the ultimate STARTREK and is and goes beyond GALAXY.  The biggest difference is in how the SCAN is done in an open X, Y co-ordinate 'galaxy'.  You have 8 StarShips, 2 Transports and 5 Bases in a 'Federation Space' extending 40,000 units from 'center' at location X, Y = 0, 0.  Ships are randomly placed around 'center'.  Navigation is done by 0 to 360 courses or a move to a X, Y location and replaces the classic STTR '1' to '8' navigational directions.  Warp 8 will move 8,000 units. Ships can tow each other back to a Base >B< for repair.  Beside standard Phazers and Photons, all ships have a 'Special' weapon which may be a 'Cloak', 'Neutron Disrupters', 'Meson Lasers', 'Plasma Weapon', 'Particle Beam', etc.
COMBAT throws out the 10 x 10 universe idea and displays a 'square' of space AROUND your current ship, transport or base.  Short range scanners go 2,000 units AROUND the ship.  Long range scanners show 5,000 units of space. Deep Scanners are 10,000 or 20,000 depending on the type of ship.  Scans up to 5,000 units will show the ship symbol.  For example:  5 types of Klingons are: *K* (K) +K+ :K: >K<
CMDS.ECB are the Instructions.
Longer range scans show an unknown with range and 360 degree courses.  Other enemy groups include Romulans, Gorns and Xeonites.
(I worked on a Windows Visual Basic 5 version of this in 2000!)
Not enough memory to run it under CP/M.
32737 Ralph Hopkins
CONCN.ECB Author and source unknown; 8/1/77

Play  C O N C E N T R A T I O N
3375 Ralph Hopkins
CRAP.ECB from MERITSS : Author = User MHS003   12-15-77

Simulation of a dice game; You vs. Computer
3595 Ralph Hopkins
CRAPS.ECB Adapted for SOL-20; Ralph Hopkins 01-15-79

   (1) CRAPS
   (2) CRAPS2
   (3) DICE
16688 Ralph Hopkins
CRAPZ.ECB Author and source unknown

Simulation of a dice game
3414 Ralph Hopkins
CRAZY.ECB Author unknown; revised by D. Kurland 11/16/75
From Univac at Eagan, MN Jul 77
Last revision  03-10-81  R.E.H.

Crazy Eights program
6942 Ralph Hopkins
DARTS.ECB by Steven V. Case; Rosemount High School, 12/8/77

Simulation of --> DARTS
2780 Ralph Hopkins
DECAY.ECB Author unknown; via Roseville NOV. 26, 1968
Richard F. Pav, Patchogue H.S., (physics)

This is a game based on radioactive decay.
4063 Ralph Hopkins
DOTPL.ECB Ralph Hopkins  04-15-76

Dots and pluses number game.
Similar to "bulls and cows" or "mastermind".  You crack the computer's code.
4465 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
DOTS.ECB James McGill : Source ??? via EAGAN, MN

Play GAME OF 'DOTS'.  You and the computer take turns drawing lines on a grid.  If you close a square, you get a point and an extra turn.
8717 Ralph Hopkins
DRAG5.ECB TODD PEYTON; MECC : User H2T1030  1-13-78

Simulates a drag race.  Design a race car and race against the computer's design.
3411 Ralph Hopkins
EIGHT.ECB RJC 4-10-69; Source unknown; EAGAN, MN Aug. 77

Sove the EIGHT (MEN) puzzle.
3327 Ralph Hopkins
ESP.ECB Author unknown; via Roseville, MN   3-15-81

Evaluate an individual's ESP possibility...
3408 Ralph Hopkins
FFT.ECB unknown

Fast Fourier Transform & Inverse FFT routines.
Trig functions are required to run this.
2767 Ralph Hopkins
FIGHT.ECB by Hanson 1-13-78
Revised 03-08-81  R.E.H.

This is a program about 5 fighter airplanes attacking your P-52.
4730 Ralph Hopkins
Reworked  03-09-81  R.E.H.

Pro Football simulation: Minnesota Vikings and 25 teams
18453 Ralph Hopkins
FUNDS.ECB unknown

The program solves miscellaneous financial problems
19184 Ralph Hopkins
Corrected and reformatted by Steve G. Woodward
CDC CYBER 70/73-26  BASIC 3.1

Simulation: you lead a French fur trading expedition
7290 Ralph Hopkins
GALXY.ECB Ralph Hopkins 1978-1981

Multi-ship Star Trek on a 10x10 grid.
See STTR1.ECB for very basic instructions.
GALAXY or GALXY.ECB evolved next and went to a 10x10 universe, more playable 'StarDates' and gave you up to 5 ships each with a ShuttleCraft.
You also got weapons like anti-matter bombs to use against
       <K> and 0=<  KLINGONS,
               +R+  ROMULANS,
               ^Z^  ZORPHs,
     [G]  +G+  >G<  GORNS and
               *X*  XEONITES.
ShuttleCraft could Short Range scan a Quadrant (when you couldn't) and ALSO launch ONE anti-matter bomb that would NOVA any other nearby stars along WITH ANY SHIPS in range.  Awesome weapon!  Enemy ships moving in a quadrant re-set the 'Universe' numbers for the ship scan results.
The overall 'MAP' of the 'Universe' starts out filled with zeros.  Each ships short or long range scan contributes to the overall MAP.
(I have on a Windows Visual Basic 5 version of this done in 2000!)
Not enough memory to run it under CP/M.
37989 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
GAMNM.ECB Author and source unknown

Plays game of NIM - Player who takes the last piece loses/wins.
Note:There is some problem with precision since at times the computer reports things like 6.000002 things in the pile.
4397 Ralph Hopkins
GAMON.ECB Paul Von Autenried: Park Ridge H. School
System: Hewlett Packard system 2000f
SOL-20 version  4-28-1980  Ralph Hopkins

Play backgammon against the computer.
20296 Ralph Hopkins
GLAC7.ECB Ralph Hopkins (Nov-78 to Mar-81)

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA attempt that was never really finished. It uses a StarTrek 10x10 grid/sector matrix that makes it clumsy to use. You escort a dozen ships (not the TV's version of 200) with 2 dozen Vipers against 6 known Base Stars and 150 CYLON fighters.  You have StarTrek like commands mixed with 'Luftwaffe' type Aircraft commands.  For some reason, you have 'Shuttle Craft'.  Each 'side' moves, shoots or 'waits' in turn.
Not enough memory to run it under CP/M.
28046 Ralph Hopkins

SIMULATION: Play a round of golf at 6 locations
10920 Ralph Hopkins
GOLF3.ECB Author and source unknown

SIMULATION: Play the Brown University Country Club, person vs. person, person vs. computer, or computer vs. computer
16735 Ralph Hopkins
GOLFP.ECB Author and source unknown

SIMULATION: Play a round of golf at 2 locations
9098 Ralph Hopkins
GOLFR.ECB Author and source unknown

Simulation: exercise in spherical ballistics
9920 Ralph Hopkins
GOMOK.ECB Greg Thagard 5/72

GOMOKU: an expanded version of TIC-TAC-TOE: 9X9 board
8095 Ralph Hopkins
GRAF.ECB Original author unknown.
This version converted & salvaged by Mike van Pelt University of Alabama.      ROLL TIDE!

6487 Ralph Hopkins
GUNNR.ECB Author and source unknown
from MECC H7LT564  Feb. 78
Revised 3-7-81  R.E.H.

Simulation: firing a field artillery weapon
2603 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
HAM.ECB Author and source unknown; 8/8/77

Play HAMURABI; Plant crops, survive year-to-year.
3588 Ralph Hopkins
HANGM.ECB Written by Mike MCAmis; Revised 02-14-81
Stolen by T. Hall, B. Reid, and R. Cassels
HANGMAN implemented courtesy of the original YFNSS.

Classic game of guessing word one letter at a time.
9620 Ralph Hopkins
HIDE.ECB Author and source unknown
Converter to SOL-20  02-12-81   R.E.H.

Find 4 players hidden on a 10 by 10 grid.
2656 Ralph Hopkins
HOCKI.ECB HOCKEY...FROM MECC : H5K3005   1-18-78

Simulates a hockey game.
4018 Ralph Hopkins
HORSE.ECB Source unknown; via Eagan, MN   Revised 3-11-81

SIMULATION: Play (Basket Ball) game of Horse
3240 Ralph Hopkins
HPCMD.ECB by Mike Mayfield, Centerline Engineer'g; REV A --2/73
Typed in by Erik Oredson, BASIC programmer
Name changed to STRTRK 6/25 (HP BASIC program library)

Instructions for some version of Star Trek.
4064 Ralph Hopkins

Simulates a horse race
2941 Ralph Hopkins
HRACS.ECB from 90/60 BASIC Univac Ed. Center, 7-27-79 Ralph Hopkins

8552 Ralph Hopkins
HRASE.ECB from MERITSS : GAME  12-20-77

Simulation: horse race (CDC'S KRONOS time-sharing service)
6267 Ralph Hopkins

Find the Hurkle on a 10 x 10 grid.
10314 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
ICBM.ECB by Chris Falco, Glen Ridge High School, New Jersey
Converted to CDC CYBER 70/73-26 BASIC 3.1 by Peter Arcand, Mahtomedi High School, MN 09/08/77

Simulation: Launch a surface-to-air missile at an ICBM
3533 Ralph Hopkins
ILAND.ECB by Ralph Hopkins

Treasure Island adventure.
You awake to find yourself shipwrecked and alone on a raft near an island.  The computer takes 1 word commands consisting of a VERB or 2 word VERB/NOUN commands. For example:
     HELP, N (North), S(South), LOOK, SCAN, ...
You may go on a treasure hunt for up to 75 objects and collect points before you escape the ISLAND which has 60 locations each with the 4 compass direction plus U (Up) and D (Down).
Not enough memory to run it under CP/M.
30999 Ralph Hopkins
INF21.ECB Converted to Univac 1106 Basic DEC.3,1971 by N.SCHALLERT

Instructions which accompany (Las Vegas rules) BLKJAK
2499 Ralph Hopkins
JOTTO.ECB by Andrea Barsh and Duff Kurland  4/2/73 at NYU's UHMC Computer Center; Last revision 03-07-81

Word game: computer thinks of a 5-letter word, and you guess it by giving 5 letter test words.
4732 Ralph Hopkins
KING.ECB from MERITSS : Author = User SCS0001  12-15-77

Simulation: SUMER/HAMURABI clone
3082 Ralph Hopkins
KINGD.ECB Author and source unknown via EAGAN, MN  1-5-78

Note:Despite the instructions, it isn't possible to save/restore game state.
6082 Ralph Hopkins
KORPS.ECB Ralph Hopkins; last change   02-15-81  R.E.H.

AFRIKA KORPS pits you as a 1942 German Commander against British armored units.  This game was inspired by SeaWolf (SWOLF.BS5).  You are randomly assigned one of ten tanks or vehicles to oppose one-to-many enemy units.  Like SeaWolf, you NEVER see a 'MAP' of WHERE the enemy really in relation to you.  You only get a numbered 'LIST' of 'Description' and 'Range'.  There are some commands like 'Status', 'Scan', 'Points', 'Enemy Info' that do not result in you losing your turn to enemy movement. But once you move, shoot or wait you allow the enemy to take their turn to move, shoot or wait!
To avoid a very pointless exercise in ballistic mathematics, you just do a 'shoot' command.  (When more than ONE target exists, you will be asked to select it's 'target number'.)  It is always assumed that you are an EXPERT gunner.  It may take you up to around 3 shots for YOU to get the correct target angle and elevation.  For an equal opponent, they may need up to 4 shots to get YOUR range and trajectory!  If you really are 'The Commander' then you will just give the order to shoot and let your crew do the work.
When they get within about 10 meters / yards of you, then you must decide between moving or shooting.  (If you are an 88mm Flak Gun, decide sooner!)  Do you chance one more shot to *STUN*, +* DAMAGE *+ or DESTROY the opposing vehicle?  Or do you try an evasive move?  Maybe you just retreat; especially, if you are out-gunned or out numbered.  Or ... do you advance and try to run over Trucks?!  You can even try a shoot-and-retreat pattern - until you escape.
Remember, Firepower and accuracy double at ANY unit's 1/2 range.  Check 'Enemy Info' to determine how dangerous an enemy unit really is.  Compare that with YOUR 'Status' to see how dangerous YOU are!  'Points' gives you a quick and simple idea of 'dangerous units'.
Moving is like in STTR.BS5 or in number directions 1 to 8.  You use numbered commands such as '4' to retreat to a randomly more fortified 'ground' that allows you more protection. (HIGH GROUND doubles and maybe triples your 'protection').  ANY unit/vehicle which is *STUNNED* loses a turn to move or shoot.  Damaged units cannot move - including you!  However, if you run out of shells, like Seawolf runs out of torpedoes, you may return to 'Base Camp' to re-load and live another day.  If damaged, you may ABANDON you tank and escape the battlefield without penalty.  ALL tanks or vehicles are worth 'POINTS' which are logged cumulatively between missions.  Play wisely and you can run up a great score.
Tank armour, speed, armament, shells carried etc. are based on real data taken from board games like (I think) Steel Panthers that used cardboard tokens/units on a grid-map battlefield.
29716 Ralph Hopkins
KRIEG.ECB from MECC : Author = User H7LT024   2-13-78 by Bob O'Rourke of Bloomington, MN.  Completed on 12/14/77 after 1.75 + 1.5 months

KRIEG (A 2-D tactical space war game)
9815 Ralph Hopkins
LCMDS.ECB by Ralph Hopkins; late 1970's

7966 Ralph Hopkins
LEM.ECB from Creative Computing-Nov-Dec 1976; Author unknown

This is a lunar landing program
6779 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
LETTR.ECB From MERITSS : 12-15-77; from People's Computer Company
Modified and adapted for CDC BASIC by Kent T. Kehrberg

Guess a letter; alphabetic version of guess high/low game
1422 Ralph Hopkins
LIMRK.ECB by G. E. FISHER,   09 MAY 1974
Inspired by the UNIVERSITY of HOUSTON version
Updated 05-05-80.......Ralph Hopkins

Limerick generator.
6195 Ralph Hopkins
LUFTW.ECB by Ralph Hopkins (Jan-77 to Mar-83)

LUFTWAFFE - Air war game.  You are the WING COMMADER controlling two squadrons on a BOMBING RAID against the LUFTWAFFE over France.  The objective is to BOMB or ROCKET at least one target type.  Enemy squadron(s) may take-off to oppose you.   See LCMDS.ECB which has the instructions.  Navigation is via '8' directions (Like STTR2).
This is an 'evolution' of what I call 'Aircraft clones' of STTR or StarTrek.  Other examples are BUZBM.ECB, LUFT1.ECB and LUFT2.ECB Any one squadron is limited to 9 planes which can move singley or ALL as some kind of group.  Plane 'speeds' vary slightly as to how many 'sector' squares you can move.  Unlike STTR2, you cannot 'warp' a plane across 8 Quadrants.  The best you can do is a little over 1/2 a Quadrant.  Detailed Quadrant scans will show 'dots' for ocean and 'blank' for land.  Beside aircraft symbols, the only other things visible are the numbered targets such as:
       =2=       *OIL*
(Showing aircraft unit #2 a couple of sectors left of a target.)
(I worked on a Windows Visual Basic 5 version of this in 2000!)
Not enough memory to run it under CP/M.
32611 Ralph Hopkins
LUNAR.ECB Combined LUNARLANDER games Ralph Hopkins 12-15-78

   2) LUNAR        (LAND CAPSULE ON MOON) 07/23/77
   4) LEM          (CONTROL A 'LEM' LANDER)
15351 Ralph Hopkins
LUNR2.ECB from...MERITSS : GAME  12-15-77
Changes in LUNAR have been added by Kent Kehrberg
Adapted from Digital Equipment Corporation simulated moon landing - MECC, October 1974

Decide fuel burn rate to try and land LEM safely.
5733 Ralph Hopkins
LUNRL.ECB Source unknown; by C.A. CALKINS
Revised for EBASIC by David Fox

Simulated moon landing.  This one has a realtime ASCII graphic display.
11874 Ralph Hopkins
MAFIA.ECB Author and source unknown; 8/15/77

The object of this game is to kill or be killed!
6839 Ralph Hopkins
MARKT.ECB by D. Klassen - Programmed by D. Sobin, 8-29-72
Copyright 1972 - State University of New York
Developed by S. Finkelstein, J. McGrath, I. Staw, D. Sobin
Converted from Mankato Library on 07/14/75 by B. Hanson

Simulation of market competition between 2 companies.
This is very similar to MRKET.ECB
9249 Ralph Hopkins
MAZE.ECB Written by Jack Hauber
Converted to UNIVAC BASIC 12/03/71 by N. Schallert
Last change 4-10-78 R.E.H.

Rat's maze program
5034 Ralph Hopkins
MIDWY.ECB by Ralph Hopkins (Era Jun-79)

Simulation of the Battle of Midway.
My attempt to create the Battle of MIDWAY based on a StarTrek 10x10 grid of 'ocean' around one grid location that represents 'Midway'.  This is an 'evolution' of what I call 'Aircraft clones' of STTR or StarTrek.  Examples are BUZBM.ECB, LUFTW.ECB, LUFT1.ECB, LUFT2.ECB
You command the ENTERPRISE [E=] with aircraft and a heavy and light cruiser <H=> <L=>. Along with Midway aircraft, your mission is to defend Midway and perhaps sink the attacking Japanese Aircraft Carrier [K*], Battleship <B*> and cruisers <H*>, <L*>.  You have =Pb= and =Sp= search planes to find the Japanese ships which also has *Sp* ship search planes to find YOU.     For example, =F3= =D6= =T2= are the symbols for 3 Fighters, 6 Dive Bombers and 2 Torpedo Planes.
(I worked on a Windows Visual Basic 5 version of this in 2000!)
Not enough memory to run it under CP/M.
36907 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
Last revised 2-20-81  Ralph Hopkins

You are the captain of an aircraft armed with air to air missiles which can be exploded remotely.  An explosion within XX units of an aircraft will cause damage.
5481 Ralph Hopkins
MNPLY.ECB Author and source unknown; 5-07-80
SOL-20 version by Ralph Hopkins

Play MONOPOLY against the Computer.  Shows Board!
27205 Ralph Hopkins
MOON.ECB Written by Bruce Norskog from Willmar Community College.
Recovered and repaired by John Lind in the spring of 1975 from Willmar Community College.
Put back on the system after translation to and back from UNIVAC RTB by John Lind in the spring of 1977 from MUG0002.
Converted back to UNIVAC 12-15-78   R.E.H.

Land a capsule on the moon.
7871 Ralph Hopkins
MOONL.ECB from MERITSS : 12-15-77
Written by Bruce Norskog from Willmar Community College.
Recovered and repaired by John Lind in the spring of 1975 from Willmar Community College.
Put back on the system after translation to and back from UNIVAC RTB by John Lind in the spring of 1977 from MUG0002.

7872 Ralph Hopkins
MORTG.ECB Converted from Univac 90/80 BASIC...8-5-79
Modified for SOL-20   4-01-80  Ralph Hopkins

18714 Ralph Hopkins
MRKET.ECB Developed by S. Finkelstein, J. McGrath, I. Staw, D. Sobin.
Also developed by D. Klassen - Programmed by D. Sobin
Latest revision 8-29-72
Copyright 1972 - State University of New York

MARKET - Simulation of market competition between 2 companies.
This is very similar to MARKT.ECB.
8597 Ralph Hopkins

This is the 'MASTERMIND' game.  In this game, the computer generates integers and forms a 5 digit number.
This is a single sided game where the computer only makes codes; it doesn't break them.
5794 Ralph Hopkins
MTEST.ECB by Ralph Hopkins

SOL-20 memory test over address range.
476 Ralph Hopkins
MTST.ECB by Ralph Hopkins

SOL-20 memory test; fixed address range.
548 Ralph Hopkins
NAGS.ECB from MERITSS : 12-15-77

Simulates a horse race
3126 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
NFL.ECB Program stolen from G.E.
Reworked for Minnesotans (Vikings) by C.S.J.

Play Football for National Championship.
10150 Ralph Hopkins
NIM.ECB from MERITSS : Author = User SCS0001  12-19-77; by Charles Nistler

Take turns with the computer removing items from a pile; the last one to take a an item loses.
2058 Ralph Hopkins
NUMB2.ECB from MERITSS : GAME  12-21-77
Copyright People's Computer Company
P. O. BOX 310, MENLO PARK, CA 94025
Modified and adapted for CDC BASIC by Kent T. Kehrberg

Number thinks of a number 1 to 100.  You guess and the computer says if your guess was high or low.
1373 Ralph Hopkins

     NUMBER   (GUESS A NUMBER BETWEEN 1-9999) 8/1/77
     NUMBER 4 (GUESS A 4 DIGIT NUMBER) 05-10-78
17328 Ralph Hopkins
ODELL.ECB by Ken Witt, Tracy, Minn.

O D E L L   L A K E
Choose number of the fish you wish to role play!
7217 Ralph Hopkins
ORBIT.ECB from MECC H5R3010 Jun 78  3-7-81 R.E.H.

Fire your photon bomb at a Romulan spaceship
1320 Ralph Hopkins
OREGN.ECB Author and source unknown; 05-10-78 Ralph Hopkins

Instructions for ORGON.ECB.
3091 Ralph Hopkins
OTHEL.ECB AUTHOR:  Richard O. Duda......
Made to work on UNIVAC by Tom Keerl & Bruce Rumrey
Converted to ACORN basic by Dan Kluth...UTS-700...
Converted to SOL-20 EC basic by R. Hopkins 7-15-80

Plays the Game OTHELLO with two strategies.
14132 Ralph Hopkins
PALMR.ECB Author and source unknown
SOL-20 port 10-01-80 Ralph Hopkins

7789 Ralph Hopkins
PANZR.ECB by Ralph Hopkins; Hopkins 5-01-79  (updated 3-22-81)

A later version of KORPS except it is late 1944 and you are a German Commander playing against the British and Americans.  Like in KORPS, armor, guns, speed etc. are as realistic as possible to the actual units.
30476 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
PATTN.ECB by Ralph Hopkins 4-15-79 (revised 4-09-81)

A still later version of KORPS/PANZR except it is late 1944 and you are an American Commander playing against the Germans post Normandy.
28195 Ralph Hopkins
PINBL.ECB From MECC H5R3011 1-12-78 by MARK S. PILGER
Revised 3-6-81  R.E.H.

Program name: PINBALL VER. 1
"Play" non-realtime pinball by deciding which flipper to hit
2441 Ralph Hopkins
PIZZA.ECB Author and source unknown

Pizza delivery game
3262 Ralph Hopkins
PLNET.ECB by David E. Laird -- Cincinnati Country Day School 6905 Given Road, Cincinnati Ohio 45243
Converted from MERITSS LIB. on 5/7/75 by J. Stewart
Revised  7/74 (M. Olson); 10/16/74 (P. Murphy)
Last Rev. 05-06-80  Ralph Hopkins

Compute location in the sky of all of our planets
6652 Ralph Hopkins
PLUS.ECB by Ralph Hopkins, EAGAN, MINN. 06-06-78

Dots and Pluses *WORD* Game -
It is a cross between Hangman and Mastermind, using only four letter words.
17821 Ralph Hopkins
POK20.ECB by Ralph Hopkins  Eagan Minn. 5-10-78

S O L - 2 0   P O K E R
12853 Ralph Hopkins
QUEEN.ECB Source--unknown
Modified August 1970 by Richard Hart
Converted to Univac 1106 MainFrame 12-3-71 by T. Edwards
Last mod.  6/23/77   Ralph Hopkins

Plays game against computer trying to move the queen to a corner.
5526 Ralph Hopkins
Author unknown

Simulates a drag race
Race against one of your friends or you race the computer dragster.  You will be asked to design your own machine: enter horsepower, rear end ratio ...
4312 Ralph Hopkins
RACER.ECB RACE...MECC : H4U1062  12-77; made by Scott Purdue
Picture added  3-17-81  R.E.H.

Driving simulation.
2289 Ralph Hopkins
RADAR.ECB by Walt Kailey - RADAR version 1.2, 78/02/07.
RHS 77/11/10

The object of RADAR is to sink enemy ships.
11105 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
RDICE.ECB Author unknown; from Roseville, MN 12-17-80; by Rod Hallen

Rolling dice routine
1672 Ralph Hopkins
RMAZE.ECB Author unknown; from MERITSS : 12-21-77

Try to navigate through a maze with a rat's perspective of the maze.
4167 Ralph Hopkins
ROLET.ECB Author unknown; 5/1/78

Play standard European computer roulette
18540 Ralph Hopkins
ROMLN.ECB by Brian Pullen * SOL version by Doug Benedict
The Marin Computer Center
Copyright by Creative Computing

As Captain of the ENTERPRISE, you must locate and destroy a Romulan ship before it destroys you.
8536 Ralph Hopkins
ROTAT.ECB from Roseville  12-17-80
published in  :Creative Computing: Sept 1977
by Andre Ratte  Feb 19 1978     REV 1.0

ROTATE:  adapted from a game from D.H. Ahl
Board positions are occupied randomly by letters A to P.  The object of the game is to order the letters by rotating any four letters clockwise one position.
4736 Ralph Hopkins
SAILP.ECB Author: Cover, Douglas; 17 JAN 74.
Installation: Maricopa Technical College.
Last mod.  6-01-78  Ralph Hopkins

This is a game to determine your ability to land a sailplane having only one control that you can use, the spoilers.
4466 Ralph Hopkins
SDF.ECB by Ralph Hopkins

SDF Sound Generator Program
This was a little utility to poke configuration bytes to a memory mapped sound generator.
1534 Ralph Hopkins
SEABT.ECB from the book MORE BASIC COMPUTER GAMES, Creative Computing, Morristown, N.J.
Modified for SOL-20    Ralph Hopkins  8-15-79

Sink enemy ships and survive.
21191 Ralph Hopkins
SHOOT.ECB SHOOT...from MERITSS : H6L0042  2-21-78; Author unknown

6653 Ralph Hopkins

Fire projectiles at computer designated target
3387 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
SLALM.ECB by J. Panek of St. Paul's School '77
Last change 8 Mar 73 by J. Panek

Simulates an "N" gated slalom course (1976 Winter Olympic Giant Slalom)
5910 Ralph Hopkins
SLOTS.ECB by Ralph Hopkins      8-10-80

Play 3 wheel slot machines.  SOL-20 Animation.
19716 Ralph Hopkins
SNARK.ECB People's Computer Company, Menlo Park  CA
Adapted to RTB BASIC by Lee A. Richards
Last mod.  8/1/77   R.E.H.

SNARK - Catch him with a well placed circle.
3229 Ralph Hopkins
SOLTR.ECB by J. Rickert, Eagan, MN  10-15-80
Last revised 02-28-81  Ralph Hopkins

Play solitare
7086 Ralph Hopkins
SPWAR.ECB by Ralph Hopkins (3-01-78); LAST MOD.04-24-81
Univac version preceding GALXY.ECB

Star Trek type simulation.  (5 ships, shuttles, ...)
36476 Ralph Hopkins
SPWR2.ECB from MECC : Author = User H2H2006  1-13-78

This program simulates a war between Earth colony Gamma and the evil Snyborgian Emperor
8285 Ralph Hopkins
STARS.ECB by Mike McAmis

Play SHOOTING STARS ala Byte 5/76.
Each star is in a galaxy. When you shoot a star, everything in its galaxy changes. Stars become black holes, and black holes become stars.
4271 Ralph Hopkins
STARW.ECB by James Okamura; Copyright by Creative Computing

You command a squadron of X-Wing Fighters against Empire Tie Fighters led by the evil Darth Vader!
7654 Ralph Hopkins
STKCR.ECB by Loren Dunham, Fairmont High School
...based on the "STOCK MARKET GAME" by William Krause and David C. Sischo
...One simulation of a package of six called --SPRING SEMESTER PACKAGE, VOL. 2
Converted from Mankato library 4/10/75 by Don Yenish
Revised by L. Dunham, 7/76

Stock market crash simulation
5823 Ralph Hopkins
STORY.ECB from Roseville, MN  12-17-80

This program writes a random STORY.
7849 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
STR6.ECB Author/implementor - ?/J. Light
UTS400/UTS700 Version   12-19-79  Ralph Hopkins

SIMULATION: ONE-ON-ONE Enterprise vs. Klingon
13605 Ralph Hopkins
STR8.ECB This program is the property of the University of Houston and G. E. Fisher and copies of this program cannot be made for commercial reasons without the consent of either of the above.  Any violations will be grounds for a law suit.
G. E. Fisher,   09 May 1974
SOL-20 Modification 30-April 1983  R.E.H.

Another version of STAR TREK.
16048 Ralph Hopkins
STREK.ECB Written at the University of Alabama by Mike van Pelt and presented to you courtesy of the demonstration program people at the U of Alabama.  ROLL TIDE!
Last change   02-21-81  Ralph Hopkins

Univ. of Alabama-STAR TREK simulation
7852 Ralph Hopkins
STRIN.ECB from MERITSS : GAME  12-15-77

7760 Ralph Hopkins
STRTK.ECB by Col. W.F.Lubbert; Instruction Support Division United States Military Academy, West Point, N.Y.
Revised by Jeff Wilmot

Experimental advanced version of STARTREK
MERITSS 'STARTKS' revised 17 May 1973
For more info run  'GAME,STRINFO' (STRIN.ECB)
Lost end of program. Too big for memory?
37231 Ralph Hopkins
STRWR.ECB by Robb (Mithrandir) Borland    10/4/77
MECC "STRWAR1" === reworked  03-20-78

Simulation: Destroy the infamous 'STARWARS' Death Star.
13981 Ralph Hopkins
STTR.ECB Adapted to SOL-20 from STTR.BS5 4-15-79 Ralph Hopkins

Another StarTrek version.
Rating **** (Ralph Hopkins)
23841 Ralph Hopkins
STTR1.ECB Author unknown; RE-WRITTEN by Ralph Hopkins 3-10-78

Instructions for STTR2.ECB, STTR3.ECB
Rating **** (Ralph Hopkins)
9906 Ralph Hopkins
STTR2.ECB Original Author unknown

Classic 1100 (MainFrame) BASIC converted.
You have ONE Starship and 'xx' StarDates to clear the 'galaxy' of Klingons in a 8x8 grid matrix universe.
See STTR1.ECB for detailed instructions.
>B< Bases provide faster damage repair and re-supply.
Rating **** (Ralph Hopkins)
18929 Ralph Hopkins
STTR3.ECB Original Author unknown
UTS700 STTR3.....11-30-79

You have ONE Starship and 'xx' StarDates to clear the 'galaxy' of Klingons in a 8x8 grid matrix universe.
See STTR1.ECB for detailed instructions.
>B< Bases provide faster damage repair and re-supply.
Rating **** (Ralph Hopkins)
16079 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
STTR4.ECB Original Author unknown
CONVERTED FROM 1100 BASIC   12-10-79

The Enterprise <E> has 'xx' Stardates to clear the 8 x 8 'galaxy' of Klingon <K> ships.
>B< Bases provide faster damage repair and re-supply.
Rating **** (Ralph Hopkins)
17716 Ralph Hopkins
STTR5.ECB Original Author unknown
CONVERTED FOR UTS400/700  12-07-79 Ralph Hopkins

The Enterprise <*> has 'xx' Stardates to clear the 8 x 8 'galaxy' of Klingon +++ ships.
>!< Bases provide faster damage repair and re-supply.
Rating **** (Ralph Hopkins)
16375 Ralph Hopkins
STTR6.ECB Author J.J. LIGHT; Late 1970's
UTS400/UTS700 VERSION   12-19-79  Ralph Hopkins

Enterprise player vs. Klingon (computer player)
Rating *** (Ralph Hopkins)
15476 Ralph Hopkins
Adapted to SOL-20      2-25-79   Ralph Hopkins

The Enterprise has 'xx' Stardates to clear the 8 x 8 'galaxy' of Klingon and Romulan ships.
Bases provide faster damage repair and re-supply.
*** Black Holes present and additional hazard.
Rating **** (Ralph Hopkins)
24146 Ralph Hopkins
STTR9.ECB by David Price: from BYTE March 1977
UNIVACed by Mike McAmis

Space war simulation
You have ONE Starship and 'xx' StarDates to clear the 'galaxy' of Klingons in a 8x8 grid matrix universe.
Rating **** (Ralph Hopkins)
13493 Ralph Hopkins
STTRK.ECB Author/implementor - JJ. Light, July 1972

This game simulates a battle between the starship enterprise and one or more enemy starships.  The object of the game is to destroy the enemy ship with as little damage to the Enterprise as possible.
(Actually, this is just the instructions)
Rating **** (Ralph Hopkins)
5384 Ralph Hopkins
STWAR.ECB by Jerry Self; Oct. 3, 1977

STARWARS...from Roseville 12-17-80
[ very similar to SWARZ.ECB ]
5971 Ralph Hopkins
SUB-F.ECB Author and source unknown; 8-18-77 Ralph Hopkins

This naval war game is played on a 10x10 matrix.  You are the submarine;  the computer is a cargo ship and it's escort, two destroyers.
10170 Ralph Hopkins
SUB-W.ECB Author and source unknown; 06/26/77 Ralph Hopkins

Submarine game.  The object of this game is to get 20 points before your enemy does.
6100 Ralph Hopkins
SUICI.ECB from MECC : Author = User H4U1062  Feb 78

Play Russian Roulette.
1213 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
SUMER.ECB SUMER  V3.5 L2  John Mellor Last updated: 04/05/74
Adapted from: Dick's version on VM/370

Rule a civilization (often called Hamurabi or the like)
20614 Ralph Hopkins
Last revised  02-11-81  Ralph Hopkins

Simulation of being a ruler of the city of SUMER
(often called Hamurabi or the like)
4884 Ralph Hopkins
SUMR2.ECB Conv. from MERITSS lib. on 5/13/75 by Don Yenish
Revised  7/74 (M. OLSON)

You are the ruler of the land of Sumer.
(often called Hamurabi or the like)
5836 Ralph Hopkins
SWARZ.ECB Author unknown; from Roseville 12-17-80

Destroy the DEATHSTAR and save the Rebel Base.
[ very similar to STWAR.ECB ]
6131 Ralph Hopkins
SWOLF.ECB by Ralph Hopkins; (Era Jun-79)

WWII Pacific Submarine game.
SEAWOLF was inspired by another program called BLUEFIN.  (BLUEF.ECB)
One improvement was to use numbers, not word commands.
This is a write-from-scratch version that gives SEAWOLF 'xx' days and 26 torpedoes to sink some Japanese ships in World War II.  From the time you start until the 'War ends' (Somewhat like 'StarDates') you can run missions to sink ships, gain 'points' and build up a LOG of 'kills'.
Each 'Day' sets up a random convoy with a of a number of ships for you to attack.  SeaWolf 'loses' its turn when it dives, waits or shoots (torpedoes or deck gun).  You NEVER see a 'MAP' of WHERE the enemy really is in relation to you.  You only get a numbered 'LIST' of 'Ship' and 'Range'.  There are commands like 'Status', 'Points', 'See kill log' that do not result in you losing your turn to enemy movement.
The skill is in knowing when to run, when to fight and WHO you can use the deck gun against to save valuable torpedoes.
NOTE: Another German version of this exists as UBOAT.BS5.
32609 Ralph Hopkins
SWORD.ECB Author unknown

11506 Ralph Hopkins
TAKE.ECB VERSION 4  4/27/69  by RJC

"Take-A-Way", a game ported from a Univac system.
There are 14 pebbles; you and the computer take turns removing from 1 to 3 each round.  The person who takes the last pebble loses.
This game is often called NIM.
3772 Ralph Hopkins
TANKS.ECB Author unknown (no credits in the listing)
Ralph Hopkins converted it to the SOL-20 (at the very least)

This is a game of tank warfare.  Highly related to TANKZ.ECB.
27321 Ralph Hopkins
TANKZ.ECB by Ralph Hopkins, 4-10-79

This is a game of tank warfare.  Highly related to TANKS.ECB.
27522 Ralph Hopkins
TAXMN.ECB by J. Stewart, programmer Dave Skrove; converted from Mankato Library on 4/23/75

Taxman is a numerical puzzle.  Play the game and ask for directions, or read the source code to see what to do.
4351 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
TENIS.ECB from MERITIS, converted by Ralph Hopkins

Tennis simulation of you playing John Newcombe.
3106 Ralph Hopkins
TICT2.ECB Author unknown

Another Tic-tac-toe game.
6786 Ralph Hopkins
TICT4.ECB Author unknown; from MECC : 1-19-78

Another Tic-tac-toe game.
No directions are given, so here are some.
You supply a move via two numbers.  Entering "0,0" will quit.
I think it is an April Fools Day joke.
2869 Ralph Hopkins
TINFO.ECB by Ralph Hopkins 3-22-81

Tank Info.  This is just the directions for playing some tank game, whose source is in some other file.
5328 Ralph Hopkins

Directions on play some version of Star Trek.  This runs, but it doesn't automatically chain to the game, despite what the directions say (this is obviously a port).
7769 Ralph Hopkins
TREAS.ECB from MERITSS : GAME 12-21-77, revised JLL

When it asks for directions, type "Y" not "y" if you want to see them.
Basically, the computer has hidden a treasure on a 19x19 grid.  Each round you enter a pair of coordinates and the computer tells you if you are further away or closer than the previous guess (the first location is implicitly 0,0).
1946 Ralph Hopkins
TT-3D.ECB Author unknown; converted for Sol-20 by Ralph Hopkins 8/5/77

3D Tic-Tac-Toe on a 4x4x4 cube.
9928 Ralph Hopkins
TTT.ECB by Walter Gilbert, ported to Sol-20 by Ralph Hopkins 8/8/77

Another Tic-tac-toe game.
3087 Ralph Hopkins
TWONE.ECB by M. M. Mortazavi
ported to Sol-20 by Ralph Hopkins 6/20/78

Blackjack variation.  Run the game for instructions.
5364 Ralph Hopkins
UGAND.ECB Author and source unknown; 5-5-80 Ralph Hopkins

African version of SUMER or HAMURABI
19211 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
UTIL.ECB by TAD Enterprises/Tom Digate

This is a collection of utility functions that came with the TAD Enterprises program that patches Proc Tech Extended Cassette BASIC to run under CP/M.  The utilities allow for easily transferring programs to/from cassette/disk, and some other functions.
9655 Ralph Hopkins
VEGAS.ECB by David Sours  Wayzata, MN - Dec. 6, 1977

Four gambling games in one:
     1) BLACKJACK    2) CRAPS
17011 Ralph Hopkins
WAR.ECB This program conceived and created by Peyton Carlson and Damian Bonicatto of Hibbing State Junior College.

The program 'WAR' simulates a nuclear war between the major nuclear powers: The United States anD The U.S.S.R.
NOTE:When I tried it, it hang trying to generate the Russian countermove.
10540 Ralph Hopkins
WAR-2.ECB Written by: Walter Gilbert   Univ. of Maryland
Last mod. 8/5/77 Ralph Hopkins

Play against to the computer to move squares on a 4 x 4 grid, trying to get your pieces into winning positions.  Run the game for directions.
7235 Ralph Hopkins
WARI.ECB Kilobaud MICROCOMPUTING; Nov. 79: page 118

WARI is reportedly the most popular game in WEST AFRICA.  It's origins go back to early EGYPT.
7903 Ralph Hopkins
WETHR.ECB Author unknown
Last change  6-01-78   R.E.H.

The program attempts to predict tomorrow's weather if given the weather statistics from the past two days.
8158 Ralph Hopkins
WFISH.ECB by Randy Witt, Rural RT 2, Janesville, Minnesota, 56048.  "WARFISH" was completed on February 9, 1973.

The book "WAR FISH" by George Grider, C/R 1958, Little, Brown & CO., Boston, provided the inspiration for this program.  You command an American sub that has been sent out to attack Japanese ships at sea during WW 2.
5681 Ralph Hopkins
WHEEL.ECB Author unknown; from Univac BASIC  11-15-79

3831 Ralph Hopkins
WIDOW.ECB CMSC 5 Project 3, programmer-Jeff Jewett ...from Roseville   12-17-80

Elderly widow financial annuity program
1869 Ralph Hopkins
WINFO.ECB by Ralph Hopkins

Instructions for GALXY.ECB
12690 Ralph Hopkins
Filename Brief Description Size Contributor
WSAND.ECB by H. Deomonstoy 1-6-77

4624 Ralph Hopkins
WWII.ECB Source MECC H7LT020 : Rev. 02-28-81 R.E.H.

Tank game
1602 Ralph Hopkins
WWIII.ECB from MECC H5K3005 : Copied 3-1-78  Rev. 02-28-81 R.E.H.

This is simulated atomic war in the year 2005, between the USA and the USSR
5264 Ralph Hopkins
WUMPS.ECB Author and source unknown;
Modified for SOL-20   8/1/77   Ralph Hopkins

Hunt the Wumpus in a 20 room dohecahedronal cave.
7688 Ralph Hopkins
XCOUN.ECB Author and source unknown;
Modified for SOL-20  8/5/77   Ralph Hopkins

=== Re-done for 12 X 64 screens.
You will be entering a cross country race make choices during your run.
10564 Ralph Hopkins
YAHZE.ECB Author and source unknown;
Modified for SOL-20  04/15/80     Ralph Hopkins

Computer game of Yahtzee
9687 Ralph Hopkins
ZORPH.ECB by William Seurer, 9/77 at BSM St. Louis Park, Minn.
Modified for SOL-20; Ralph Hopkins

Z O R P H   W A R
Super Space War version 4.1
17437 Ralph Hopkins
ECB_PGMS.ZIP Ralph Hopkins/Various

This is a zip file of the programs contributed by Ralph Hopkins.
728560 Ralph Hopkins